Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunter is almost here!

Well, I had to put up a post about the latest update, then I will go back and update pics and posts from the past few months. I am really excited to announce that we are planning to meet our little guy tomorrow! Last week, I went to the Dr and she did an ultrasound to check his weight. He is measuring about 8 lbs 3 oz on the sonogram, so we went yesterday to check my status. Christopher came with me to discuss options with Dr. Culpepper. She thinks it is a really good idea to go ahead and induce to try and do a vaginal delivery. Christopher and I agreed that it is a good balance instead of trying to wait until next week when he could get even bigger. SO, I go in to the hospital tonight at 5pm. They will give me some medicine to try and soften the cervix to induce labor in the morning. In the morning, she will give me pitocin and break my water to get the process started.
We are excited, nervous and anxious to meet our little man! If I have time to post something, I will, but wish us luck and prayers are much needed during this amazing time!
Tina, Christopher and baby Hunter

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dallas Baby Shower

I have the most amazing friends! On June 19th, I was given the most beautiful baby shower! It was so wonderful! Hunter got some amazing gifts and the pictures will speak for itself.

The hostesses included, Mary Marshall Martinez, Jenny Merkle, Mysti Stewart, Beth Reynolds, (not pictured) Melissa Windham, Lindsay Hundley, Whitney St. Pierre, and Zoey Devall. I felt so loved! It took place at Jenny Merkle's house at 2:30pm and her house looked so nice. It is really wild that I had a baby shower and got so much stuff for baby Hunter! He is set! My sister came in with the kiddos and my cousin Jill brought her girls.

My aunt Carol, Nana and the Auntie were also here to help me celebrate. I had a great group of girlfriends that came to help celebrate too! Hunter is one lucky little guy!

Week 29 Appointment

I had another Ultrasound to see our little man and it was really fun to see him again! Dr. Trimmer went through everything in detail with us again and he thinks everything is great. He didn't even schedule a follow-up appointment. Hunter is looking great, measuring 3.5 lbs and even had chubby cheeks on the video. He was extremely active and moved the entire ultrasound. Dr. Trimmer said we are measuring right on time! Very exciting! Hunter was breech at this appointment. And since he was so active, we didn't get very many pics of him. I have one, but you can hardly tell what he looks like to post.
The next day, I went to see Dr. Culpepper for my sugar test. I still haven't heard from her, so I am optimistic everything came back normal. The funny thing is, Hunter had flipped over night and he was head down at my next day appointment. I told Dr. Culpepper and she said we won't look at his position until 35-36 weeks since he moves so often. Christopher and I have so many names for him now. Kung fu fighter, Karate Kid, ET, etc. He is our little alien:) At my appointment, my blood pressure was normal and my weight is great. I gained 2 lbs since last month. I am still feeling pretty good, but I am writing this at 30 weeks and I am starting to get a little tired and my back is started to hurt more. However, I am trying to stay cool and feeling pretty good! I go back to Dr. Culpepper on July 1st. We are starting our 2 week appointments now. It's getting close!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Man, I am feeling BIG!!!

Well, it wasn't until the past few days that I started feeling HUGE! I guess the heat doesn't really help, but I feel like I am waddling more, short of breath, and am definitely going to the bathroom more now! The new baby bump picture will show you what I mean. I told Christopher today that I feel like I am a torpedo! It's crazy to see on pictures. I am really carrying him high. I am sure I will know when he drops because it looks so high right now.

Our next appointment is on Wednesday (ultrasound) and Thursday (appointment). I am doing the sugar test on Thursday, so wish me luck that I pass.

This weekend was really fun! We had a cookout with our neighbors, the Pickles (who have 2 year old twins) and then kept Parker and Eloise Pittman for the day today.

We were surrounded by kids and it was really fun! We are getting our practice, so if you want a babysitter, you better call now, because it won't be long until Baby Hunter is here and we have our hands full for a little while.

I will post more on the appointments, but wanted to post something because I want you see how HUGE I am getting! XOXO

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Check-up

Well, I had another ultrasound on May 19th with Dr. Trimmer the Perinatal specialist. WE are so spoiled because when we have ultrasounds with him they are really long and detailed. I think we got to see him for about 30 minutes this time. What a cool experience to see your baby moving and swallowing! The ultrasound went great and Dr. Trimmer thinks that Hunter is about 13 inches and 2 lbs already. We are still tracking for September 3rd, so I'm hoping this little guy wants to stay around a 7lb baby. Let's pray! I am also doing well with my vitals. I had a normal blood pressure and my weight is right on track. I am scheduled to have another ultrasound (he wants to keep an eye on my fluids)on June 16th. I will have my sugar test on June 17th. I am a little nervous about that test. I heard if you fail you have to go back for a 3 hour test and the test your blood every 30 minutes. Let's pray I pass the test!! I am still doing my walking and have started yoga twice a week to keep active an my circulation going. I have heard nothing but great things about staying active helps with delivery and recovery. I am going to do what I can for a healthy pregnancy.(of course for the exceptional cookie and ice cream)

Christopher and I have been so busy getting the house ready for baby to arrive. What a great excuse to clean house and clean closets. I guess you could say I am "nesting" now! I want this house spotless. We almost have the babies room together and it is looking so cute. I will post pics the next posting when I get the bedding all together. It turned out so cute. Here is a mock up picture of the bedding:

I am trying to stay calm right now too because my company is having a huge layoff and we find out on Monday if we have jobs. I am optimistic, but I know anything could happen, so please say some prayers for us during this time.
I will post more pics soon of his room. Here is the last ultrasound pic on the main page. Check out the addition to my baby bump!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekends= Busy, busy

We had such a busy, fun weekend! My great friend Audrey Taylor came in town this weekend from Nashville to visit us before the baby gets here.

It meant so much to me to have her here! It was nice to not have 10 projects to do and to just have fun and relax with Audrey. Saturday we played all day and went to Manny's for dinner, Orange Cup for dessert and came home to play the Wii and a little Guitar Hero! This morning we cooked breakfast and she and I went on a walk around White Rock, then headed to Northpark. I took her to the aiport around 4pm and it was sad! Thank you Audrey for coming to visit!

I am still feeling good, but this weekend I have a little cold. It is draining my energy a little. I am still frustrated a little because my body is forcing me to slow down. I feel the baby kick all the time. He is so active. Audrey got to feel him kick and was amazed at how strong his kicks are already. So am I , believe me! I made a HUGE mistake this weekend and changed the batteries in my scale and weighed myself. I am back to my college weight, which is a scary thing. I remember always telling myself I would never get there again. I know, I know! I am supposed to gain weight and it is healthy! I get it, but it is really hard. I read I am going to start gaining a pound a week. This should be interesting:)
I also went today to get some new "walking" shoes (as Christopher calls them my magic shoes). I went to Lukes and said I needed more cushioned shoes for added weight so I can continue to walk. The lady was SO helpful and I now have shoes that are a 1/2 size bigger (for swelling) and cushioned for added weight. I am all set now!
I have an appointment on Wednesday with the OB and another Ultrasound with the prenatal Dr, so I will post the updates!
Have a great week!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Bump Watch

Well, with the help of my great friend Mary Marshall, I finally figured out how to post the baby bump watch on the blog. I hope you enjoy it! I am not really sure how I feel about it. I know I am getting bigger, but it's kind of funny to see myself in a slideshow.
Week 24!!

(My hair is wet in this picture)
I am enjoying my pregnancy more now than I did in the early days. I have a little more energy than I did. However, the past week has been pretty rough. I felt pretty rough on Monday, like I was hit by a truck. I think it's because we are spending every minute of every weekend getting ready for Hunter's arrival. We have errands and a million projects we are doing that I don't have time to breath, much less, rest. It hit me by Wednesday when I woke up and had a terrible migraine. I actually had to take a sick day for the first time in months. I am so proud of myself that I have stuck it out on the days that I feel the worst so I won't have to take sick days. Yesterday, I think I hit a wall and baby Hunter was telling me to slow down.
I feel him kick all day, every day. I told Christopher, he is either going to be a very active baby or he is going to be really somber when he gets here because he is so active right now. I hope he gets all of his energy out in the womb and is a sleepy baby:) I can only wish, right?!? The fun thing now is that Christopher can feel him kick. We went to see Iron Man 2 this weekend and Hunter was kicking me like crazy. Christopher got to feel him pretty much the whole movie. He asked me, "Does he kick you like that all the time?". My answer is: Yes!!!
We have another ultrasound and appointment on Wednesday of next week. I am really looking forward to seeing him again. I can't wait to see how big he is and see that precious face again. I will be better about blogging now that we are getting closer. It was hard when I wasn't feeling well.